Long Sleeves Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

long sleeves blue bridesmaids

Long sleeved bridesmaid dresses are not only one of the hot trends of this year but also a good idea for fall and winter weddings because if you have an outdoor photo shoot, then the girls won’t catch cold. The dresses can be in different get-ups and of various fabrics – talk to your friends to find out what they like. Lace dresses with long sleeves are always in trend because they are elegant and very feminine, and choosing the right cut you can compliment any figures, dark blue sequined gowns are very festive and will help to make a statement; don’t forget the colour of the year – grey blue shade, it looks very soft and fall-like, such dresses will be hot and trendy, and this is a color that suits everyone. If you want to stand out, you can try dazzling blue or mix blue with other colors, such as peach, gold, coral or orange to make your nuptials special for sure.

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Shinning Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for Winter Weddings


I’m sure that all winter brides have already chosen their gowns but what about your best girls? Today we are pleased to share some cool and very beautiful bridesmaid dress ideas for winter weddings. I think for this season dark blue color is one of the most popular colors along with white, blush, emerald and silver ones. So pay your attention to it and who knows maybe your girls will wear dark blue dresses or even you’ll pick up blue as a main color of your wedding.

If you wanna create more eye-catching outfits for your girls, pick up bling and sparkling dress. Long, embellished bridesmaid dresses, those beaded and sequined beauties are one of the most awesome current trends! These gowns really pop at any bridal party and look stunning, they really become the base of any absolutely gorgeous bridesmaid look. Various dress lengths or patterns will allow your girls choose what they like most of all, if they choose something different, you can always rock the mismatched bridesmaids trend. You can also dress up only the maid of honor into an embellished dress, that’s a cool and trendy statement! If you live in cold climates, girls need cover up, long sleeved gowns or faux fur wraps will help you to keep the girls warm. Prepare gorgeous silver or gold bling dresses for your girls!  They will look stunning, chic and elegant!