Dark Blue Outfits for The Mother Of Bride

Being the mother of the bride is an amazing feeling and great responsibility. The parents of the couple are paid not less attention than bridesmaids and they should look perfect. That’s why we’ve decided to tell you of stylish mother of bride dresses which would make her look luxurious. Dark blue is the most fashionable color this season, it is a classical color that’s always to the point, so don’t hesitate to choose a blue outfit, if you don’t want to look dim, choose a dress with sparkling beads, crystals or with pearl accessories. In case of a beach or tropical wedding, a shade of blues outfit is the best choice. Choose the right accessories, hairstyle and everybody would be impressed not only by the bride’s beauty but also by her amazing mom!

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Blue and Red Wedding Ideas

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Isn’t this color combination playful and modern? I think it is. Blue and red may not be a scheme that instantly comes to mind but it works so well for a classic modern look – especially set against a bit of silver. Red tones are fabulous as accent colors to really make a statement and add real warmth and intimacy to your look. Pale blue or aqua may be a wonderful backdrop for these colors for table linens and tableware to keep the look clean and stylish. Why not try something different, more bold and sunny for your big day?

We’ve been searching for this chic combos among all of the wedding blogs and Pinterest boards and now you can see the most attractive and awesome ideas that we’ve found! Get inspired and find a way of using it in your wedding.

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Navy Blue and Salmon Spring Wedding Ideas

navy and salmon wedding

Time flies so fast! How are you doing, spring brides? I would like to wish you a joyous and prosperous New Year.

I’ve started to look for some cool color schemes for spring weddings right away. As much as I love the dark blue colors, it is not the easiest color to play with and to combine with. But this gorgeous navy and salmon one seems perfect for either early spring or summer parties. Navy is a very deep and muted tone but together with bright salmon will lift the mood and truly shines. When such charming colors come together like this the overall effect is a trendy pastel vibe that you really can’t go wrong with. You may vary the opacity of each color to create an overall ombre effect: blush peachy wedding dress and a brighter salmon bouquet or dark navy centerpiece and even navy blue table settings. Take a look at the gallery below for more inspirational ideas and fall in love with spring!

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Top 10 Blue Flower Girl Dresses

blue flower girls

Today’s inspiration is all about blue flower girl dresses.

I think blue is one of those colors that never goes out of fashion and it’s perfect for weddings in any season of the year. When you think of a blue themed wedding you may picture the natural blues, aqua and teal of the sea. Blue themes bring out that tropical, natural and warm sunny feel to a wedding. Whether you are having your wedding ceremony and reception outdoors, at your backyards or at the seaside, there are a whole load of ideas and accessories that you can use to make a fabulous theme and color palette. Using these cool colors is sure to make everything seem fresh and natural in your wedding look and décor. Below you’ll find some beautiful ideas of blue flower girl dresses, get inspired!

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Blue and Metallic Wedding Theme for 2016

blue and metallic wedding theme-5“Shimmery neutral colors and beautiful natural settings and design elements will be popping up for weddings in 2016,” says Lord. “Here’s what wedding attendees, engaged couples and planners can look for in the year ahead:”

Expect plenty of shimmer and shine from weddings next year. Brides are finding new and exciting ways to incorporate metallic colors into their weddings, from a sparkling art decor to the beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

Blue has a long association with weddings, symbolizing purity and fidelity. Paired with silver, the normally serene blue takes on an inviting, festive air that befits a celebration — especially one in the winter. And the palette can be tailored to a snazzy New Year’s Eve reception in the city or one in the snow-covered countryside. Whatever the mood, consider soft and medium blues and crisp, platinum-toned silvers.

Dark blues and gold is an ideal wedding palette because it’s suitable for almost any season and theme – for a New Year wedding, for a beach wedding, for rustic wedding and so on. These two colors are beautifully contrasting and very elegant, and you can easily create an amazing table setting using them – just take gold tableware and blue tablecloths and napkins. Why not dress your groom into dark blue? That’s the hottest trend! Maybe your bridesmaids will also agree to wear this awesome color, and you as a bride can rock a sparkling gold wedding gown! Look for more elegant decor ideas below!

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Rustic Chic Blue Jean Wedding Ideas

jean wedding-10

All country brides get ready to start taking notes because this gallery is a country showstopper. From taking place on a farm, decorating from top to bottom with country charm and rustic wedding elegance to a bride in a jean jacket to great DIYs wedding centerpieces, those wedding photos have them all.

Any of you brides thinking of adding a sweater or jacket to your wedding dress? I love how the jean jackets look with the bridesmaids dress and I think it is actually kind of cute with the wedding gown for the reception. A beautiful outdoor setting, very casual but elegant and a little funky. I see some trendy touches in the table setting: a shabby chic denim table runner and vintage charming centerpieces. The color scheme was neutral: wood color, jean blues, ivory, and a pop of colorful bouquet for contrast, and copper helped to give some depth and flash that was still earthy and not too glitzy. A marvelous wedding, a fantastic landscape!

I’m all into these fresh outdoor wedding shoots! Now look at pics below, get inspired and start to create!

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Stunning Royal Blue Wedding Ideas

Royal blue is amazing for fall and winter weddings, and it’s in trend today. It’s so elegant and sophisticated, maybe even dramatic and moody in a way. That’s why I can’t take my eye off this inspirational shoot!

The colors are gorgeous: classic ivory with royal blue touches and soft hues of watercolor match perfectly for the wedding decor. Even if you’re not artistically inclined, you can still be inspired by this romantic design trend. There are many ways of using royal blue in your wedding. You can dress your bridesmaids in different styles, or even consider a wedding dress with a hint of royal blue, create whimsical invitations and stationery, use gradual blue colors blending in your wedding cake design, etc. Take a look yourself and tell me what you think.

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sequined blue-wedding-shoes

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Sky Blue Wedding Ideas Perfect for Spring and Summer

sky blue wedding ideas-4

When I think of spring and summer weddings, I always think of a blue colors first. This sky blue color is clear and natural and it is loved by many designers and I love seeing it popping up in weddings too. It can be a nice alternative to popular saphire blue weddings plus it really easily yet gorgeously combines with many different colors from chic and sparkly silver or gold to delicate ivory, pale grays and greens, white and even red. It looks fabulous as a color of your bridal shoes as well as bridesmaid dresses and wedding decors. Anyway, see yourself and get inspired!

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Wedding Color Theme Spring 2016 – Tiffany Blue

tiffany blue wedding-2

The spring season is a beautiful time of year to get married.  There are so many colors that look fabulous at a spring wedding from pastel shades through to bright tones. Most spring brides choose colors in light hues as it compliments their fairer skin tones and will look fresh and brighter. Beautiful colors that reflect spring are fresh and delicate. Cool, light hues of blues, rich cream, pale pinks, mint green and soft silver tones suit spring perfectly.

I think Tiffany blue is one of those colors that never goes out of fashion and it’s perfect for timeless wedding pictures. Using this cool color is sure to make everything seem fresh and natural in your wedding look and décor. Spring is perfect time for weddings, so just think fun and flirty! Happy planning!

tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses

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tiffany blue mismatched bridesmaid dresses

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Navy & Blush Combo Ideas for Winter Wedding

It is never too early to prepare your wedding! Although there are several months to enter official winter season, I can say winter brides-to-be have prepared their weddings from early on. As one of the first things need to be certain, I know you may have chosen the wedding colors since so many color experts like Pantone always provide the latest and most popular wedding colors for brides, but if you still hesitate in what color combo to choose, read this post and get some inspiration.

I love dark blues so much, but I also want some soft pinks at this romantic season. If you are blue family, get something blue for your wedding and make the wedding color combo softer with blush.

navy and blush wedding ideas-1

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