Finding Your Beach Wedding Cake

blue beach wedding cake

Beach weddings are awesome because they are relaxing, enjoyable and full of light and salty breeze!

If you thought over all the food and desserts, it’s time to talk about one of the most important desserts for your beach wedding, a culinary masterpiece that would blow the mind of your guests and add exquisiteness to the feast – a wedding cake. To continue the beach wedding theme edible corals, starfish, shells, urchins and sea horses would look fantastic! The background may be bright turquoise or blue but you may also choose a white base and add edible pearls to show your refined taste.

A wedding by the water calls for a breezy, sun-and-surf-inspired cake. We found the best beach cakes with details like aqua-blue fondant and edible shells that will provide the perfect accent to your seaside soirée. Below you’ll find some beautiful and just delicious beach wedding cakes and maybe one of the designs would inspire you!

blue beach wedding cake7

blue beach wedding cake1

blue beach wedding cake2

blue beach wedding cake3

blue beach wedding cake4

blue beach wedding cake5

blue beach wedding cake6