Tropical Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

tropical blue bridesmaids

Exotic Beach weddings are very passionate and stylish, ideal for a seaside nuptial and not only for relaxed but also for more formal celebrations. Choosing blue for your groom and bridesmaids, it’s an amazing and very trendy colour!

Traditionally, beach weddings are more relaxed than other celebrations, so your maids would be happy to wear something flowing and bright. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses are classic, and if you Continue reading Tropical Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Pastel Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer Wedding Parties

pastel blue bridesmaids

Summer wedding season is coming and it’s high time to get prepared! Today I’m sharing the most beautiful pastel blue bridesmaid dresses for summer wedding parties. Pastel colours are amazing for your bridesmaids, you can mix and match them or go for one shade for everyone.

Take a look at long pastel blue ones – they are very feminine, elegant and will bring a strong summer vibe to your wedding. Pastels and printed floral at the same time is one of the best ideas for summer bridesmaids. Another way is take one-toned dresses for everyone and a patterned gown for the maid of honor or you may just highlight the maid of honor with a different dress or color. I’m sure that every girl will find one according to her taste and to highlight her curves. Get inspired by the ideas below and enjoy!

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-4

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-6

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-8

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-7

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-5

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-1

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-2

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-3

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-9

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-10

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-11

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-12

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-14

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-13

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-15

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-16

Shinning Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for Winter Weddings


I’m sure that all winter brides have already chosen their gowns but what about your best girls? Today we are pleased to share some cool and very beautiful bridesmaid dress ideas for winter weddings. I think for this season dark blue color is one of the most popular colors along with white, blush, emerald and silver ones. So pay your attention to it and who knows maybe your girls will wear dark blue dresses or even you’ll pick up blue as a main color of your wedding.

If you wanna create more eye-catching outfits for your girls, pick up bling and sparkling dress. Long, embellished bridesmaid dresses, those beaded and sequined beauties are one of the most awesome current trends! These gowns really pop at any bridal party and look stunning, they really become the base of any absolutely gorgeous bridesmaid look. Various dress lengths or patterns will allow your girls choose what they like most of all, if they choose something different, you can always rock the mismatched bridesmaids trend. You can also dress up only the maid of honor into an embellished dress, that’s a cool and trendy statement! If you live in cold climates, girls need cover up, long sleeved gowns or faux fur wraps will help you to keep the girls warm. Prepare gorgeous silver or gold bling dresses for your girls!  They will look stunning, chic and elegant!















Blue and Red Wedding Ideas

blue and red wedding ideas-13

Isn’t this color combination playful and modern? I think it is. Blue and red may not be a scheme that instantly comes to mind but it works so well for a classic modern look – especially set against a bit of silver. Red tones are fabulous as accent colors to really make a statement and add real warmth and intimacy to your look. Pale blue or aqua may be a wonderful backdrop for these colors for table linens and tableware to keep the look clean and stylish. Why not try something different, more bold and sunny for your big day?

We’ve been searching for this chic combos among all of the wedding blogs and Pinterest boards and now you can see the most attractive and awesome ideas that we’ve found! Get inspired and find a way of using it in your wedding.

blue and red wedding ideas-7

blue and red wedding ideas-1

blue and red wedding ideas-3

blue and red wedding ideas-4

blue and red wedding ideas-5

blue and red wedding ideas-9

blue and red wedding ideas-10

blue and red wedding ideas-14

blue and red wedding ideas-6

blue and red wedding ideas-12

blue and red wedding ideas-11

blue and red wedding ideas-8


Rustic Chic Blue Jean Wedding Ideas

jean wedding-10

All country brides get ready to start taking notes because this gallery is a country showstopper. From taking place on a farm, decorating from top to bottom with country charm and rustic wedding elegance to a bride in a jean jacket to great DIYs wedding centerpieces, those wedding photos have them all.

Any of you brides thinking of adding a sweater or jacket to your wedding dress? I love how the jean jackets look with the bridesmaids dress and I think it is actually kind of cute with the wedding gown for the reception. A beautiful outdoor setting, very casual but elegant and a little funky. I see some trendy touches in the table setting: a shabby chic denim table runner and vintage charming centerpieces. The color scheme was neutral: wood color, jean blues, ivory, and a pop of colorful bouquet for contrast, and copper helped to give some depth and flash that was still earthy and not too glitzy. A marvelous wedding, a fantastic landscape!

I’m all into these fresh outdoor wedding shoots! Now look at pics below, get inspired and start to create!

jean wedding-11

jean wedding-16

jean wedding-17

jean wedding-5

jean wedding-14

jean wedding-13

jean wedding-3

jean wedding-8

jean wedding-4

jean wedding-7

jean wedding-9

jean wedding-12

jean wedding-6

jean wedding-2

jean wedding-1

jean wedding-15

Blue Shade Colors for Spring/Summer Bridesmaid Dresses 2016

“Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.” —- Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute

Blue family never misses spring summer weddings. And in 2016, a new family member, Serenity will blow your breath away with its calm, comfort and peace.

serenity blue bridesmaid dresses 2016

Snorkel Blue
As a dark blue wedding color, will bring you a more energetic and striking feeling for bridesmaids. Just have a try!

snorkel blue bridesmaid dresses 2016

Limpet Shell
A fresh, clear shade of blue mixed with green colors, is my favorite color in this list. It is definitely a perfect choice for beach wedding.

limpet-shell bridesmaid dresses 2016

Dazzling Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

The art of properly executing mismatched bridesmaid dresses is a tricky one. Some brides give their ‘maids a color scheme and set them loose into the shopping world, while others choose a designer, length, and color, and ask their bridal party to choose different necklines. Whatever the method, having mix-and-match dresses is usually the best way to satisfy bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes. With so many brides going one of these routes, we wanted to see some real-life outcomes.

blue shades bridesmaid dresses

1. Shades of Blue
It’s wise to have the bridesmaids wear a variety of shades of blue colored dresses for a spring or summer wedding. Let your girls pick any dress in the pastel blue, mint or turquoise range and from any store. This is proof that giving your girls free reign can be a great idea: keeping things to one color scheme ensures that even a lace dress and a more formal one-shouldered gown look good together.


2. One designer to rule them all
It’s an easy way to find all different styles of bridesmaid dresses by the same designer for your wedding. This way, each lady shows off her own personality while still wearing a very similar dress to the others.

ombre blue bridesmaid dresses

3. Ombre Ideas
Ombre dresses with different neckline lines complement each other perfectly, making the different dress styles match beautifully.

Bridal Trend – Blue Hues for Spring/Summer 2016

The bridal fashion world has already moved forward to next wedding season (how fast!) when we are still talking about what’s hot in 2015! Here we bring you the hottest wedding dress trends from the Bridal Fashion Week 2016 runways! As known to all, bridal style maybe not change much especially from one season to the next, yet this year we still found some fund details and updates for your nuptials.

Not all brides love all white or ivory dresses, so for these brides who want their wedding dresses a little colorful, how about these light blue styles? Let’s begin!

Jenny Packham blue wedding dress with silk sash from Spring 2016

Jenny-Packham-Spring-2016-blue wedding-dress

Jenny Packham blue knee-length wedding dress from Spring 2016

Jenny-Packham-Spring-2016-short blue wedding-dress

Galia Lahav’s Free-Spirited Spring Blue Wedding Dresses for 2016

Galia Lahav's Free-Spirited Spring Blue Wedding Dresses for 2016

Marco & Maria Bridal 2016 Blue Wedding Dress

Marco & Maria Bridal 2016 Blue Wedding Dress

Naeem Khan Spring 2016 strapless sweetheart French blue silk sheath wedding gown with a watteau train


Naeem Khan Positano Sleeveless Light Blue A-line Wedding Dress – Spring 2016


Monique Lhuillier blue wedding dress from spring summer bridal collection 2016


Marco & Maria Bridal 2016 Sheer Blue Wedding Dress

Marco & Maria Bridal 2016 Blue Sheer Wedding Dress



Top 10 Stunning Non-traditional Wedding Gowns

White wedding dress will forever be classic, but that doesn’t mean that colors can’t be classy. Contrary to tradition, many brides nowadays are steering away from the usual white or ivory and lace ensemble. Here are 10 brides who didn’t wear white and absolutely rocked it.

1. Bridal fashion shoot – Keira Knightly in chic blue wedding dress.

Keira Knightley bridal fashion shoot

2. This bride’s charming floral printed gown that resembles porcelain.

white-blue china inpsired wedding gown

3. This bride who looks fabulous in her tea-length blue dress.

blue wedding photo

4. This sweet vintage look wedding dress get inspired from 1950s wedding gowns.


5. This bride in her stunningly cool and embellished gown.

shinning blue wedding gown

6. This bride in her beautiful and romantic pastel wedding gown.

pale blue gown

7. This wedding gown inspired by ink and water makes a plain white dress an artist’s dream.

ink wedding gown

8. Blair’s powder-blue wedding dress on the Gossip Girl finale.

GOSSIP GIRL-- 'New York, I Love You XOXO' -- image GO610A_0378 Pictured: Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW -- © 2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.
9. Chic floral printed wedding gown for a vibrant look.

printed wedding dresses

10. This beautiful bride in her soft blue gown.

blue wedding picture

Blue & Black Combo Wedding Ideas

Blue & Black wedding decor

Scientists say that blue is the favorite color of most of people. It’s always associated with natural beauty, water and the sky. Picking this color for your wedding is a great choice, because it has lots of interesting shades and good compatibility with many other colors from neutrals to glittery silver. Blue and black combo look incredibly chic and charming.

If you love blue: The tranquil connotation is true—blue belles are patient, wise, well-balanced, and beloved for their ability to take everything into perspective. The shade of blue that you select indicates whether you’re introspective (royal or pale blue) or more of an extrovert (turquoise and aqua). And you also want something cool in your weeding. Black represents timelessly elegant, noir brides want a wedding that could never be dated from the wedding photos alone. You’re classic, mysterious, dignified and sexy in a sophisticated way. Scroll down to see some of the most gorgeous ideas for your big day!

Black and Blue wedding idea

black and blue wedding

black and blue wedding picture

blue and black cupcake

Blue & Black Combo Wedding Ideas1

Blue & Black wedding cake