Modern Cobalt Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

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Cobalt blue is a cool, calming color, it sends out feelings of calmness, tranquility, truthfulness, nobleness, and faithfulness. Cobalt blue is a more modern color to be used at weddings, it is a great shade of blue to use as a wedding color as it can be seen as more elegant and sophisticated then other blues.

This color is loved by many designers and I love seeing it popping up in weddings too. It can be a nice alternative to popular purple weddings plus it really easily yet gorgeously combines with many different colors from chic and sparkly silver or vintage gold to delicate ivory, pale pinks, orange, white and even magenta. It looks modern fabulous as a color of your bridesmaids’ dresses as well as wedding décor or table settings, for your purse or shoes, for your bouquet and even for the groom’s suit or accessories. Anyway, below you’ll find some beautiful ideas of cobalt blue outfits, see yourself and get inspired!

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