Blue and Red Wedding Ideas

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Isn’t this color combination playful and modern? I think it is. Blue and red may not be a scheme that instantly comes to mind but it works so well for a classic modern look – especially set against a bit of silver. Red tones are fabulous as accent colors to really make a statement and add real warmth and intimacy to your look. Pale blue or aqua may be a wonderful backdrop for these colors for table linens and tableware to keep the look clean and stylish. Why not try something different, more bold and sunny for your big day?

We’ve been searching for this chic combos among all of the wedding blogs and Pinterest boards and now you can see the most attractive and awesome ideas that we’ve found! Get inspired and find a way of using it in your wedding.

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Navy Blue and Salmon Spring Wedding Ideas

navy and salmon wedding

Time flies so fast! How are you doing, spring brides? I would like to wish you a joyous and prosperous New Year.

I’ve started to look for some cool color schemes for spring weddings right away. As much as I love the dark blue colors, it is not the easiest color to play with and to combine with. But this gorgeous navy and salmon one seems perfect for either early spring or summer parties. Navy is a very deep and muted tone but together with bright salmon will lift the mood and truly shines. When such charming colors come together like this the overall effect is a trendy pastel vibe that you really can’t go wrong with. You may vary the opacity of each color to create an overall ombre effect: blush peachy wedding dress and a brighter salmon bouquet or dark navy centerpiece and even navy blue table settings. Take a look at the gallery below for more inspirational ideas and fall in love with spring!

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