Top 10 Blue Flower Girl Dresses

blue flower girls

Today’s inspiration is all about blue flower girl dresses.

I think blue is one of those colors that never goes out of fashion and it’s perfect for weddings in any season of the year. When you think of a blue themed wedding you may picture the natural blues, aqua and teal of the sea. Blue themes bring out that tropical, natural and warm sunny feel to a wedding. Whether you are having your wedding ceremony and reception outdoors, at your backyards or at the seaside, there are a whole load of ideas and accessories that you can use to make a fabulous theme and color palette. Using these cool colors is sure to make everything seem fresh and natural in your wedding look and décor. Below you’ll find some beautiful ideas of blue flower girl dresses, get inspired!

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Blue and Metallic Wedding Theme for 2016

blue and metallic wedding theme-5“Shimmery neutral colors and beautiful natural settings and design elements will be popping up for weddings in 2016,” says Lord. “Here’s what wedding attendees, engaged couples and planners can look for in the year ahead:”

Expect plenty of shimmer and shine from weddings next year. Brides are finding new and exciting ways to incorporate metallic colors into their weddings, from a sparkling art decor to the beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

Blue has a long association with weddings, symbolizing purity and fidelity. Paired with silver, the normally serene blue takes on an inviting, festive air that befits a celebration — especially one in the winter. And the palette can be tailored to a snazzy New Year’s Eve reception in the city or one in the snow-covered countryside. Whatever the mood, consider soft and medium blues and crisp, platinum-toned silvers.

Dark blues and gold is an ideal wedding palette because it’s suitable for almost any season and theme – for a New Year wedding, for a beach wedding, for rustic wedding and so on. These two colors are beautifully contrasting and very elegant, and you can easily create an amazing table setting using them – just take gold tableware and blue tablecloths and napkins. Why not dress your groom into dark blue? That’s the hottest trend! Maybe your bridesmaids will also agree to wear this awesome color, and you as a bride can rock a sparkling gold wedding gown! Look for more elegant decor ideas below!

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