Modest Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

modest blue bridesmaids

If you have bridesmaids that vary in age or they are afraid of showing much skin, wearing some sexy dresses with low cuts, high slits and plunging necklines, a modest blue dress with sleeves is ideal and more appropriate for the teens and above, but keep in mind if you have a big bust, the scoop or v neckline will he more flattering in provide the support you need.

Having bridesmaid dresses in different lengths is a great way to distinguish maid of honour or chief bridesmaid from the other bridesmaids, it’s also used when you have bridesmaids of significantly different ages/sizes/shapes and one length is better suited then the other for some. Now let’s have a look at chic modest bridesmaid dresses to get inspired!

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Tropical Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

tropical blue bridesmaids

Exotic Beach weddings are very passionate and stylish, ideal for a seaside nuptial and not only for relaxed but also for more formal celebrations. Choosing blue for your groom and bridesmaids, it’s an amazing and very trendy colour!

Traditionally, beach weddings are more relaxed than other celebrations, so your maids would be happy to wear something flowing and bright. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses are classic, and if you Continue reading Tropical Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Dark Blue Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

No doubt your girls at your wedding should be stylish, elegant and chic! Today you have a huge choice of dresses for your bridesmaids.

Midnight blue and dark navy dresses will be good for any type of celebrations, wedding theme and skin color. This is a timeless option that will fit most of wedding themes and styles, from nautical to New Year’s Eve. Depending on wedding theme and bridal gown you need to decide what types of dresses your girls will have, what length they will be and from what type of fabrics they will be sewed. You can pick up chic maxi or vintage styled knee length dresses, halter or sleeved ones, etc.

If one of your maids is plus sized and you don’t have personal experience with plus size shopping, there are a few things to consider to make your girl feel comfortable and confident. The V-neckline dress is perfect for the curvy or busty ladies in your bridal party. It gives your girls great support and beautifully elongates your neck and torso for a long and lean look. The dress hits at the empire or natural waist and can be cinched in with the detachable sash to create a gorgeous hourglass figure. The halter style bodice is stunning and supportive for a girl with a fuller bust. Now take a look at pics below and find awesome and chic dress ideas for your bridesmaids.

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dark blue plus size bridesmaid dresses-2

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Long Sleeves Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

long sleeves blue bridesmaids

Long sleeved bridesmaid dresses are not only one of the hot trends of this year but also a good idea for fall and winter weddings because if you have an outdoor photo shoot, then the girls won’t catch cold. The dresses can be in different get-ups and of various fabrics – talk to your friends to find out what they like. Lace dresses with long sleeves are always in trend because they are elegant and very feminine, and choosing the right cut you can compliment any figures, dark blue sequined gowns are very festive and will help to make a statement; don’t forget the colour of the year – grey blue shade, it looks very soft and fall-like, such dresses will be hot and trendy, and this is a color that suits everyone. If you want to stand out, you can try dazzling blue or mix blue with other colors, such as peach, gold, coral or orange to make your nuptials special for sure.

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Pastel Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer Wedding Parties

pastel blue bridesmaids

Summer wedding season is coming and it’s high time to get prepared! Today I’m sharing the most beautiful pastel blue bridesmaid dresses for summer wedding parties. Pastel colours are amazing for your bridesmaids, you can mix and match them or go for one shade for everyone.

Take a look at long pastel blue ones – they are very feminine, elegant and will bring a strong summer vibe to your wedding. Pastels and printed floral at the same time is one of the best ideas for summer bridesmaids. Another way is take one-toned dresses for everyone and a patterned gown for the maid of honor or you may just highlight the maid of honor with a different dress or color. I’m sure that every girl will find one according to her taste and to highlight her curves. Get inspired by the ideas below and enjoy!

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-4

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-6

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pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-7

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-5

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-1

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-2

pastel blue bridesmaid dresses-3

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Niagara Blue Bridesmaid Dresses For Wedding Parties 2017

niagara blue bridesmaids

Greenery may be the 2017 Pantone colour of the year, but Pantone’s top 10 colours for spring, which includes several shades of blue. Topping their list is this gorgeous blue they call Niagara. It is a mix between blue denim and dusty blue. I think it is a very elegant colour, perfect for chic wedding or a nautical wedding, but also for something innovative when matched with warm colours like flame and yellow. If the bride wants to dare with this wonderful hair colour? Niagara can also be a very rock colour.

Niagara blue bridesmaid dresses are an awesome statement – lace, boho, vintage or any other style you prefer. Long and romantic with a vintage feel, short and sassy with a dramatic design – your girls can find anything they like. For beach wedding, it’s more relaxed than other celebrations, so your maids would be happy to wear something light and flowing, chiffon bridesmaid dresses are classics, and if you choose short ones, the girls would avoid spoiling their dresses with sand. Bridesmaid dresses with statement back are the hottest trend, so don’t hesitate if the girls like the idea. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses are also very hot, or you may just highlight the maid of honor with a different dress or a bright colour.

Now it’s time to look more attentively at our collected pictures and find looks that you want to see on your bridesmaids at your wedding day. I’m sure you’ll love this awesome colour!

niagara blue bridesmaid dresses-1

niagara blue bridesmaid dresses-2


niagara blue bridesmaid dresses-5

niagara blue bridesmaid dresses-6

niagara blue bridesmaid dresses-7

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niagara blue bridesmaid dresses-9

Navy Striped Bridesmaid Dresses for Outdoor Wedding Party


Navy blue is one of the most timeless colors and it seems that it will never go out of fashion. Good news is that this shade matches all wedding themes, styles and color schemes. No matter what theme you will choose elegant, vintage, rustic or even barn theme, navy blue bridesmaid dresses will look absolutely adorable! Today I want to share navy striped bridesmaid dresses that will be perfect for rustic or outdoor weddings.

I think you will agree with me that sometimes the choice of bridesmaid dresses is more difficult than even the choice of bridal ones. You need to choose right length maxi, knee-length or mini-length and types of dresses according to your wedding theme. For example, for elegant wedding theme you can find maxi one-shoulder or strapless dresses; for rustic and barn themes pick up simple knee-length dresses for vintage styled weddings choose A-line or mermaid dresses. You can find dresses from any fabrics you want such as silk, satin, chiffon, etc. Navy blue matches ideally with gold, white, yellow, so find accessories and shoes in these color palettes. Because navy blue is dark color, makeup of your girls should be neutral and fresh. Scroll down and look at all pictures that we’ve collected to prove you that navy striped dress is worthy your attention.












Shinning Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for Winter Weddings


I’m sure that all winter brides have already chosen their gowns but what about your best girls? Today we are pleased to share some cool and very beautiful bridesmaid dress ideas for winter weddings. I think for this season dark blue color is one of the most popular colors along with white, blush, emerald and silver ones. So pay your attention to it and who knows maybe your girls will wear dark blue dresses or even you’ll pick up blue as a main color of your wedding.

If you wanna create more eye-catching outfits for your girls, pick up bling and sparkling dress. Long, embellished bridesmaid dresses, those beaded and sequined beauties are one of the most awesome current trends! These gowns really pop at any bridal party and look stunning, they really become the base of any absolutely gorgeous bridesmaid look. Various dress lengths or patterns will allow your girls choose what they like most of all, if they choose something different, you can always rock the mismatched bridesmaids trend. You can also dress up only the maid of honor into an embellished dress, that’s a cool and trendy statement! If you live in cold climates, girls need cover up, long sleeved gowns or faux fur wraps will help you to keep the girls warm. Prepare gorgeous silver or gold bling dresses for your girls!  They will look stunning, chic and elegant!















Midnight Blue & Burgundy Wedding Ideas for Winter Wedding

We all know red & green are the most popular colors for winter and Christmas weddings. If you are planning a wedding at this time and want something different, why not try burgundy and midnight blue?

Midnight blue is a very elegant color, though you may say it’s too dark for a romantic winter wedding, I think it’s not, it looks mysterious and unique. I just love those midnight blue dresses, especially sparkling ones! You could choose an exquisite white wedding gown, choose midnight blue dresses for your bridesmaids, maybe a midnight blue tuxedo for your groom. Accessories in this color look fantastic and really attract attention – just look at these shoes, clutches and jewelry! If you don’t want too much of midnight blue, add some burgundy touches, such as burgundy colored flowers, plates, candles, tablecloths and table runners, chair décor and invitations. Midnight blue dress with a simple burgundy cashmere shawl looks stunning and would keep your bridesmaids warm in cold and snowy winter. Look at the ideas below, your cold weather big day will be gorgeous!